Wadi Jinn

Wadi Baida is located 30km northwest of Madinah. It is famous by the name of Wadi Jinn or Valley of Ghost. Once you take a drive out of Madinah towards the valley, you will find a lot of date farms on both sides of the road and a dam named Al Khulail which is considered to be the starting point of Wadi. If you are visiting this place in the summer season you will find this dam dry but otherwise in winters (rainfall season), the place is a good spot for picnic. On covering some distance, you will discover Rocky Mountains surrounded with famous Arabian Acasian trees that will leave you amazed. If you are lucky enough you will spot some white, black and brown camels as well on your way. The blend of desert, mountains and water makes this place truly a wonderland.

The valley is considered mysterious due to movement of objects against the pull of gravity. The vehicles move uphill even when the driver puts the car in neutral gear. Similarly water is also observed to move uphill instead of flowing downhill. There are many stories attached to its mystery. Some locals attribute this towards the presence of the Jinns. According to them, they have heard voices of ghosts at night time. Many believe that everything is attracted towards Madinah because of the religious value of Madinah city. But geologists believe that this phenomenon is due to optical illusion which means in actual vehicles move downhill but it seems to move uphill. This illusion is caused when the surrounding landscape blends with the horizon much similar with the phenomena of mirage. In this way it tricks your eye. Some researchers believe that it is due to the presence of strong magnetic forces in surrounding mountains.

If you want to stay here for a couple of hours then do bring water and food along with you. This place is an ideal spot for BBQ and on weekend families from nearby came here to enjoy their time in this wilderness. Desert bikes are also available to enhance your fun. Rock climbing (with Viaferrata ksa) and mountain trekking is one of the fun activities that you can do here on Jabal Magnet after all the best view comes after the hardest climb.

If you are visiting this place on weekdays then try to visit it with a group of people to avoid any kind of misadventure. Take some extra precautions especially with your kids as some Saudi boys don’t like to slow down their cars even on a busy road.

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